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Learn How Payment
Processing Works

The More You Know The More Ways
You Have to Succeed

All About Payment Processing

Want to discover more about payment types? Wondering what the difference is between PIN and signature debit? You can learn about these things here - and a whole lot more. Find the tips and links to information designed to help you work smarter and safer.

The Basics

An overview of the typical payment processing transaction, with all the terms explained. Point-of-Sale and Card-Not-Present transactions are covered.

Understanding Funding

How do you get paid? Where does the money come from and where does it go? Know when the proceeds from your customers' payments will deposit to your bank account to help manage your cash flow.

Understanding Interchange

Interchange is the banking transaction that takes place when a customer uses a credit card to make a purchase at your business. Understand how to make the most of your funds and the least of your losses!

Understanding Chargebacks

A chargeback occurs when an item has been disputed by the cardholder or issuing bank, or when there is a violation of the rules and regulations. Being educated is your best defense against chargebacks.