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PayPal® Credit

Increase Your Sales and Lower Your Costs


PayPal® Credit is an innovative payment solution designed specifically to meet the needs of card-not-present merchants. PayPal® Credit is available to Chase Paymentech merchants and can be implemented as quickly and easily as adding a new card type. It combines all the capabilities of a private label card, without the development costs and added risk.

How PayPal® Credit Benefits You

This easy-to-integrate payment solution offers you:

  • Incremental Customers - Satisfy existing customers and attract new ones with PayPal® Credit's effortless pay-later experience. Because no credit card number is required, customers opt for this quick, easy, secure payment method, resulting in a higher sales conversion rate.
  • New Promotional Financing Opportunities - Only PayPal® Credit gives you the flexibility to offer consumers special promotions and financing options during checkout that build loyalty, drive incremental sales and increase average order value.
  • Lower Transaction Costs - A PayPal® Credit transaction can save you 20%-50% over traditional credit card transactions.

Advantages Your Customers Want

PayPal® Credit's credit-based payment option is easy for consumers to choose and use right at checkout and offers these attractive benefits:

  • Convenience - Your customers simply select PayPal® Credit at checkout, answer two quick questions for authorization that takes only 3 seconds. No 16-digit account number needed which means a faster, easier and more comfortable transaction for customers.
  • Security - Because PayPal® Credit requires no credit card or account numbers, customers feel more secure, less worried about fraud and more comfortable spending.
  • Best Value Alternative - Integrated seamlessly into checkout, PayPal® Credit delivers the effortless payment experience customers prefer, while delivering all the benefits of traditional payment types, including a monthly itemized bill that customers can pay in full or over time with friendly terms.