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FAQ: Reporting

Are there guides to help me manage my reporting?
We have a number of guides to quickly help you manage your reporting. Also, most common reporting functions are embedded into each application for easy access.

How do I access my reporting tool?
If you are a current Resource Online (ROL) user, click here to log in to your account securely. Current Paymentech Online (PTO) users should visit My Paymentech to log in to their account. The Online Chargeback Management System is integrated and can be accessed via those tools. If you are not a current ROL or PTO user, learn more about our online reporting options.

What reporting options are suitable for a small business?
ROL provides several options for small business. The PRO package includes an Instant Dashboard for merchants who may not have much time to spend on business operations. We also offer SELECT and PREMIER packages which provide more advanced reports that can, for example, help chains identify opportunities to improve and streamline operations, in addition to trending and analysis tools. View ROL Demo.

What is Instant Dashboard?
Instant Dashboard provides a snapshot of all processing activity, including fast access to Quick Search and Statement features which allow you to search for a specific transaction or quickly find the five most recent account statements. Read the ROL Instant Dashboard Quick Reference Guide to learn more.

What reporting capabilities do you offer for large enterprises?
PTO provides large enterprises with comprehensive data to reconcile payment transactions, optimize processing, manage fraud and streamline operations. PTO provides a variety of financial, submission, risk and analysis reports as well as free access to our robust Online Chargeback Management System.View PTO Demo.

How can you help me manage chargebacks?
Using our Online Chargeback Management System, you can quickly and easily respond to chargeback and retrieval requests. All your chargeback information is accessible via this interface, which lets you accept or reject chargebacks, upload supporting documents or assign cases to your chargeback analysts.

Do I need any special equipment?
Online reporting and online chargeback management are browser-based applications, so all you need to get started is a computer, a browser such as Internet Explorer, an Internet connection and a valid email address.

How can a reporting solution help my business?
We have a variety of online data management tools that help you to streamline front-end operations with instant access to your transactions or to optimize your back-end reconciliation by zeroing in on missing deposits or rejected transactions.

Are these third-party services?
ROL, PTO and the Online Chargeback Management System are all developed and maintained by Chase Paymentech; we are your experts for statement, reporting and chargeback management questions.