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Chase Small Business Holiday Outlook 2013 Infographic.

A Chase survey of small business owners released on November 14, 2013 shows that like major retailers, small business owners are preparing for the holiday rush even earlier with more than one-third (34 percent) planning promotions beginning on or before Thanksgiving Day signifying a shift away from Black Friday.  Click here to download the infographic. Read the full Press Release here.

Our work with merchants of all sizes gives us valuable perspectives on best practices that we then draw from to provide you with educational materials to help you get the most from payment acceptance. We believe it's our job not only to give you great payment processing solutions, but also to share our knowledge so you gain new insights that can help you strengthen your business.

Customer Stories

Skin Sanctuary (Duration: 01:40)
See what owner Diana says about how quickly she can take customer payments now that she has Chase Mobile Checkout.

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A Chase Paymentech Perspective on Chip & PIN with Bill Farris
Canadian and European merchants are benefiting from reductions in card-present counterfeit and fraud brought about by the implementation of EMV smartcard payment systems. With JPMorgan Chase and another U.S. issuer recently announcing that they will issue EMV credit cards to some customers this year, what can U.S. merchants learn from the Canadian experience?

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Introducing the Chase Paymentech Future Proof Terminal
Right now, most consumers pay with cash, credit or debit with a simple swipe – but the need to accept other types of payments is on the horizon. Learn how to accept EMV chip cards, phone-based mobile wallets and other forms of contactless payment with our new Future Proof payments terminal.

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White Paper

EMV: The New Way to Pay
The global payments landscape is constantly evolving, and so is the way customers pay. Today's smart consumer is as likely to tap and go as to swipe and sign – and they expect the most advanced options when it comes to protecting their cardholder data. Read our insight to understand what EMV is all about.

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