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Online Reporting

Information is power – but too much data or data that is hard to access can hinder rather than help your business. That's why we offer Resource Online (ROL) and Paymentech Online (PTO), our secure, customizable online reporting tools.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Control your business costs - identify and reduce payment processing errors, downgrades and chargebacks
  • Maximize your efficiency - reduce manual processes to save time and provide better customer service. 24/7 access to comprehensive transaction data and streamlined chargeback management
  • Reduce fraud - identify suspicious activity and take appropriate action before it becomes costly
  • Protect sensitive payment data - our secure servers provide controlled user access and account number masking

Keep An Eye On Your Sales. Anytime. Anywhere.

With the Mobile Dashboard, you don’t need to be at your business to stay on top of it all. Now you can access daily payment card transactions, settlement and funding overviews, sales trends and more – all on your tablet. See charts and graphs at a glance, and tap to get a deeper look at specific transactions or fee groups.

It’s everything you need to do the unthinkable:
walk out the front door of your business.

Online Reporting Tools That Fit Your Business

Get access to all your transaction and reconciliation data – batch, submissions, authorizations, settlements, chargebacks and much more. Streamline your operations as you view your transactions in real time, look up bank information and manage chargebacks via an online interface.

We offer two different online reporting suites that are customized to fit the needs of both most businesses:

Reporting Options for a Wide Range of Businesses with Resource Online

ROL offers a variety of options. The PRO package includes an Instant Dashboard for small merchants, while the SELECT and PREMIER packages offer more advanced reports that can help chains identify opportunities to improve and streamline business operations in addition to trending and analysis tools.

ROL provides fast access to the data you need, while optional reports can help identify operational inefficiencies and help you run your business.

Instant Dashboard

Instant Dashboard provides a snapshot of all your processing activity. With the Quick Search and Statement features, you can search for a specific transaction or quickly find your five most recent account statements. Read the ROL Instant Dashboard Quick Reference Guide to learn more.

Reporting Capabilities and Chargeback Management for Large Enterprises with Paymentech Online

PTO is a robust suite of reports and query tools for multichannel and global businesses, giving you the data you need to reconcile your payment transactions, optimize processing, manage fraud and streamline your business operations. You get a variety of financial, submission, risk and analysis reports as well as free access to our Online Chargeback Management System. Advanced fraud services are available as an optional module. View Demo.