Merchant Services

FAQ: Orbital Payment Gateway

What is a payment gateway?
Typically, it's a third-party technology service that enables cyber-storefronts to securely transmit their payments to a payment processor over the Internet. Chase Paymentech now offers this service directly to our customers. Learn more about the Orbital® Payment Gateway.

Why does my business need a gateway?
A payment gateway is beneficial for several reasons. Ecommerce offers limitless revenue opportunities and a gateway enables you to tap into its exploding potential by giving your customers a simple, secure and compelling way to make purchases. Conducting business transactions over the Internet can be less expensive and more convenient than using a dial-up, frame relay or leased line. And, finally a payment gateway gives you an easy-to-use, accessible interface that lets you review batches and exceptions and manage your merchant account whenever you want.

Is the Orbital® Payment Gateway a third-party service?
No. We operate the gateway in-house so you don't have to contract with a separate third-party provider. This service simplifies your life by letting you deal with just one vendor for an entire set of services that includes the gateway interface, payment processing and merchant funding.

As a merchant, do I need any special equipment or separate phone lines to access and use the Orbital Gateway?
No, there is no special equipment or separate telephone line required to use the Chase Paymentech gateway. However, since the Orbital Payment Gateway service uses a virtual terminal interface that works with traditional Internet browsers, you must have Internet access.

Can I view my current account information and transactions online?
Absolutely! We know you're busy running your business and need to access your account information and transaction activity when it's most convenient for you. Keeping your needs in mind and maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service, you can access the Orbital Virtual Terminal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What costs are involved in using the gateway?
By securely transmitting data via the Internet, there are no additional telecommunication costs that are incurred when transmitting via leased line, frame relay or dial up. Transaction and monthly fees apply for use of the service.

How long does it take to go live?
Lead times will vary based on the type of interface you select and the available technical resources. Since our partners have already completed the integration, if you use one of those services, you can typically go live within 48 hours of submitting a merchant application.

What level of technical support exists for implementing Orbital Payment Gateway?
Chase Paymentech provides three levels of technical support for implementing the Orbital Payment Gateway.

  • Initially, Technical Consulting is available to assist in preparation for establishing the interfaces.
  • Once you are ready to test, our Merchant Certification team takes over to ensure the interface is complete.
  • When you go live, Chase Paymentech's Application Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does the gateway support any other payment processors?
The service is a proprietary system of Chase Paymentech and is only available to our merchants. If you are using another payment processor, you will need to establish a merchant account with Chase Paymentech in order to utilize the Orbital Gateway.

Can I process transactions from my Web site, call center and mail order department?
Yes. The Orbital Gateway interface supports transactions from any card-not-present sales channel. You will simply need to integrate your order processing system with our gateway. Please contact your account manager or a sales representative for more information.

Does the gateway provide fraud-detection services?
Currently the system supports Chase Paymentech's proprietary suite of fraud services, Safetech Fraud Tools and AVS and CVV2 card verification services (CVC, CID).