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Ingenico iCT250 Video Support Your customers will keep presenting new ways to pay, and you’ll need a point-of-sale terminal that can do it all without turning down a sale. With a simple design and advanced technology, the Future Proof Ingenico® iCT250 can help you take your credit card processing to a whole new level. Available in Chase blue, it includes an integrated reader that accepts payments from both contactless credit cards and smart phones. With the additional slot that allows the acceptance of chip cards, your business will be ready when the U.S. transitions to the EMV global security standard.

This next-generation device offers an all-in-one credit card processing experience: a single terminal that accepts EMV chip transactions; contactless payments (both NFC and RFID); debit and credit card swipe; and manual entry transactions.

Plus, automatic remote downloading ensures that your terminal will receive software updates with no action on your part, paving the way for value-added offerings as contactless third-party apps and mobile wallets become the norm.

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Merchant Profile

The iCT250 is available to merchants in the retail and restaurant industries.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Saves time on both sides of the counter
  • Makes it easy for customers to use their preferred payment method
  • Helps further protect your customers and your business from fraud

With our Future Proof terminal, you can keep accepting the types of payments you do today and be prepared to accept the ones walking through your door tomorrow.

The Future Proof terminal also supports two plug-in PIN pads to meet your needs. The iPP320 PIN pad supports contactless and EMV chip payments; the iPP220 is a basic solution for more cost-conscious merchants.

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Other Features:

  • Support for multiple transactions: enables chip and PIN and signature-based credit and debit transactions using mag-stripe, contactless cards and smart phones (both RFID and NFC standards)
  • High-speed communication with dial backup
  • Certified with the Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) standards by encrypting customer PINs within a tamper-resistant security module (TRSM)
  • Anti-glare, backlit, color display with screensaver
  • 144 MB memory for value-added applications
  • Tip/tab transactions and reports (for bars, salons and restaurants)
  • Single cable management (to prevent tangles and clutter on the counter)